The Hamilton Rap 

This one-shot video, produced in the context of a video class, won best script in a contest organized by the “Hamilton Watches” company. The company asked the class to create a potential viral video, and after process of elimination, we produced two videos.

Roles played in this production:

  • Script Writer
  • Rapper
  • Music Lyrics and Production (in partnership with DBM Tunes)
  • Art Director


This mini documentary was made with the purpose of capturing people’s behavior when encountering a table full of food (with no sign) in the entrance of the University. After editing the video, I recorded my flute in one shot, as I wanted the music to be as spontaneous as the people’s behavior.

The Digital Single Market

I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to make both of these videos for the Danish European Union Presidency. After making the first video, where I am interviewing students around campus about the “Digital Single Market”, the Danish Presidency liked it so that they invited me to attend their Conference in Denmark. I then made a second video summarizing the Conference, but this time, interviewing the experts.

I am Here

I don’t need to describe this one-minute production. All I can say is that it came straight from the soul.