My Name Is… Not Important

I think that this video is perhaps one of the productions I’m most proud of. This video was made within the context of a video class that was working with the “Hamilton Watches” company. The company asked us to come up with a video that would have “viral video potential”. It turns out that my “Hamilton Rap” script was chosen along with two other scripts, got made and won for best script!

After searching for the rapper that would be featured in the video within a very limited time frame, the director, Joy Corthesy, finally chose to have me rap! Ha ha ha! I think this was the first time I wrote rap lyrics, and they came out pretty… true. For real.

Well, the video was made in one shot, originally, and it took us 30 takes to get the last one right! But it was worth it! By the way, the guy in the cardboard box is there for you to say “Huh?”

Hope you like it!


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