Sometimes a Video Equals a Free Pass to Denmark

About a month ago, my professor asked me if I was interested in creating a three-minute video, interviewing students about the European Digital Single Market. This video would be shown on a conference treating this subject and organized by the European Union Danish Presidency.

“Wow”, I thought. “That’s a… a… a pretty big thing!”

Can you imagine that I thought about it twice before answering? Yea, yea, I was loaded with work at that time, and still am now, but this was a once in a lifetime (well, hopefully thrice in a lifetime) experience I could not miss.  Anyway, I agree with the saying: “The more you do, the more you find time.”

The results of this short video turned out to be great, capturing the ignorance of students about this subject (which was the point) and demonstrating that, at a simpler level, students have the same concerns as experts do about the internet in Europe.

The quality of the audio is not the best, but I think I maximized the potential of the JCV camera I used.

My teacher presented the video I made to the Danish Presidency, in order to get approval to show it on the opening of the conference. Well, it turns out that they liked it so much, they invited me to attend the conference, all-expenses included! I would also have to create a similar video for them, but this time interviewing participants, speakers and organizers.

“Wow”, I thought again. “That’s a… a… a pretty big thing!”

How could I say no? So I jumped on the plane to Copenhagen on February 26th and… Stay tuned for the continuation of this adventure – muahahaha!

Here is the video I made shown in the opening of the “Digital Single Market” Conference organized by the Danish Presidency:


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